In my first project, I noticed that a sales system works best when employees have some degree of freedom and intrinsic motivation to complete their jobs. It sounds fairly straightforward and logical, doesn’t it? But how do you make sales reps attend meetings, measure statistics, and document their completed tasks? The answer is easy–start to pay for KPIs! If you want sales reps to measure statistics, then pay for statistics. Want to measure useful time in office? Pay for a program that will do it for you. No one likes to fill in CRMs. If there is anyone who likes it, then he probably doesn’t like to sell, so he is wasting his time with the CRM. Here are a few things I recommend:

1) Use only the most crucial fields in your CRM. Explain the importance of each field to sales rep, ask questions, to find out what he understud, and correct it if something is not right.

2) Link reports to the CRM data so you are paid for all the time worked. If there were 30 meetings, but the CRM only shows 5, you would get paid for 5.

3) Show how the CRM reports can improve results and help you to achieve sales goals. Like chopping firewood to start a warm fire, there is no other solution. It just must be done.  Sales reps need to understand the way it needs to be done and just do it. In the case of chopping wood, it is clear that if you don’t do it, you will be cold. When employees are motivated and feel in control, their understanding of why the CRM needs to be filled in will become crystal clear!


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