Sales Organization Assessment

USD 250

We assess sales organisation based on 4 attributes that define it: System, Planning, KPI & Reporting; Motivation.

This is our proof-of-concept solution - just follow the link and answer simple "yes"/"no" questions, no prepayment required.

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Team review

USD 500

We review sales reps based on their fit in the organization and the mastery of the 10 essential sales skills. You will get a precise uderstanding of their inner drivers and how to help them reach maximum productivity. Price is for the team of up to 5 people. Add $50 for each additional person.

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Sales Blueprints

USD 1,000

A detailed solution and action plan for an issue you have. Blueprint is a quick fix for a burning issue based on understanding the concept of your sales organization and team.

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Sales Playbook

USD 5,000

Custom sales re-engineering manual that offers a systematic approach to your sales organization transformation. Contains assessments, review, focus areas, action plans, check-lists and supporting materials.

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