The biggest challenge for a CEO is to understand where the problem lies – in the product or the sales. There is a good chance that both (product and sales) are imperfect. However, to reach goals and stay focused, here is the test to determine which to start working on first!

If you have paying customers who voluntarilyuse your product, then most certainly, the problem is in the sales. It could be a problem with sales strategy, the motivation system for sales reps, or the sales team’s competence. Basically, if someone is already buying and using your product, then problem is in sales.

If you’re confident that the sales reps are capable of selling, but your product was bought only by your friends and the company is struggling to scale its sales, then it could be that the problem is in the product. In that case, you can ask two questions to prospects: 1) “What should our product do to satisfy your needs, so you would use it? 2) “If we made these previous improvements, what price would you pay for it?”

To untie a tangled fishing rope, you must start with one knot. The focus is on one, not several knots. It is the same with our topic. It’s only when you start with one small problem that you are able to achieve positive results!

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