Imagine that somebody tells you  he can identify the real cause of the issue you can see in your sales organization with a sales assessment. “Maybe…” – you will say.  If you would learn that somebody can do it with 60 simple “yes” / “no” questions – you`ll seriously doubt it.

That`s something we have to deal on a daily basis. We offer free reports based on sales organizations assessment consisting of 60 “yes” / “no” questions.

With more then 8 years of sales re-engineering and building sales teams we have identified a method, or assessment approach that is simple and reliable.

We treat each sales organization as an entity defined by 4 attributes:

  • sales system
  • sales planning
  • KPI & reporting
  • team motivation

Because empirical data  shows that core issue behind the visible problems hides behind one of those attributes. And since deep systematic problems are usually simple – “yes” / “no” is more then enough to identify them.

Who might get value from the reports we produce?

  •  sales leader will get a report on strong and weak parts of the sales system. He will learn the real issues behind the “symptoms” he might be observing.
  • CEO will get an independent review of sales organization results he can use to compare with internal reports
  • business owner – when sales don`t grow as expected  and people blame outside factors, business owner wants answers. Sales assessments allow to understand what`s actually happening and why.
  • investors – assessment report gives a clear picture of the existing sales organization, its pros and cons. It is instrumental in understanding sales scalability potential.

Why we offer such a valuable product free of charge? It looks so not serious to an interested person. So we see value it it as our the proof-of-concept for other services we offer that also look simple and not serious but usually bring even greater value, that usually turns into X time growth.


Do you feel like exploring something new?

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