Auditing sales organizations since 2008.

Now with the help of the machine.

Our story is one of the journey and exploration. Since 2008 there were more than 100 cases of sales re-engineering for companies of various sizes and industries. Case after case we saw the legion of visible issues (signals) is caused by a limited number of core problems. As we helped our customers change and grow sales, we learnt to efficiently distinguish the signals from the problems. We now provide Sales Audits and Sales Rep Reviews to give you data that helps you focus your efforts.


Audit Proof-of-Concept

$ 250

We assess sales organisation based on 4 attributes that define it: System, Planning, KPI & Reporting; Motivation. We provide you with a report that speaks of current sales issued you might be are facing.  We do it for intro price of USD 250 to show how the system works.

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Employee reviews.

$ 100 per employee

We review sales rep based on their fit in the organization, mastery of the 10 essential sales skills and motivation drivers. We use specially designed questions and observations methods that allow us to identify real, not declared capabilities and motivations.

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Sales Growth Plan

$ 2,000

We  apply data from sales audit and employee reviews to provide DIY sales re-engineering plan designed specifically for your team, products and sales process. Based on your currents set-up you can get anywhere from 50% to 10x sales results within next 6 month.

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